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Maggid shiur


Maggid shiur

16 Apr 2018

1 Iyyar 5778

Salary :                soa
Close Date :     04 May 2018
Location :            Golders Green
Job Type :         Permanent
Date Posted :     16 Apr 2018

BME - a mechina leyeshiva in Golders Green with B'H an outstanding group of boys is looking for a Maggid Shiur for the second shiur (12/13 years old).

This position is suited to an exceptional maggid shiur with outstanding qualities of Yiras shomayim and clarity in torah. He will be a warm and caring individual, devoted to the aliyah of each Talmud.


Excellent remuneration for the suitable candidate.


Please reply to

Rabbi Lebovics on 07812 179 590 

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