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05 Jul 2017

11 Tammuz 5777

Salary :                SOA
Close Date :     24 Jul 2017
Location :            Manchester
Job Type :         Permanent
Date Posted :     05 Jul 2017

מלמד לאלול תשע''זח הבעל''ט

Excellent opportunity for a dynamic, creative, caring and dedicated Rebbe. This position is suited to someone who possesses תורה and יראת שמים and is devoted to the growth of each child

The successful candidate will work within a team of מלמדים מומחים

In-house training with external support is available.

Our School offers:

A warm and friendly learning atmosphere with a strong emphasis on טובות מדות and יראת שמים.

Excellent remuneration for the suitable candidate

Please call or email for application pack.

Call: 0161 740 0300 - Email:

(Closing date ר''ח אב / 24th July 2017)

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children

Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS check