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Dynamic Principal


Dynamic Principal

07 Sep 2023

21 Elul 5783

Salary :                soa
Close Date :     04 Oct 2023
Location :            Switzerland
Job Type :         Permanent
Date Posted :     07 Sep 2023


Seeking a Dynamic Principal to Shape the Future of Our
Jewish Girls High School in Switzerland

Are you passionate about חינוך and dedicated to empowering young minds?

Do you have a vision for creating a vibrant learning environment grounded in our מסורה?

Bais Yaakov Machon Chen, the only Jewish Girls High School in Switzerland, is actively seeking a qualified principal who can continue and develop its mission while inspiring students and teachers, and shape the school for the future. Our school community is grounded in solid hashkafic values, encompassing students from the all the major קהילות in Zurich, Basel and Lucerne (Chassidish, Litvish, Yekkish).

Founded in 2000, BYMC is a two-year program that imparts excellence in קודש and חול, with an exhilarating extra-curricular program and a growth-oriented environment, providing the tools and opportunities for students to succeed.


Key Qualifications:

•        Impactful leadership expertise and adeptness in team management

•        Excellent pedagogical skills with the ability to develop quality education

•        Dynamic communication capability

•        Strong interpersonal relationship skills

•        Interest to work with a diverse group of students, parents and faculty

•        Minimum of 8+ years of teaching experience

•        English proficiency, conversational Hebrew and basic German
(Yiddish speakers can easily be trained to attain fluency)

•        Embody and set high ethical standards

•        Computer proficiency, preferable


More details upon request.

Salary : Competitive offer, dependent on individual experience and qualifications relevant to the job. We are committed to enabling you to have a smooth transition and assistance in settling in Switzerland. Zurich boasts a beautiful and warm Jewish community

Hours : Full time. However, part time work on a job share basis also possible.

Our school is committed to supporting the growth of the new principal. You will be offered training, mentorship, guidance and ongoing support during your initial period at BYMC.


If you are a visionary leader with a deep commitment to education and a passion for shaping the future of young Jewish women, we invite you to join BYMC.
Together, let's cultivate an environment where our students thrive academically,
grow spiritually, and embrace their unique potential.
To learn more, call or write to us today!

Bais Yaakov Machon Chen

[email protected]

+41 78 852 2444