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13 Sep 2018

4 Tishri 5779

Category : Community   Country : United Kingdom   Region : United Kingdom

Building the future.
Build Mikvahs in Eretz Yisroel,
Bring Kedushah into your own abode.
Merkaz Le'Taharas Ha'Mishpachah in Eretz
Yisroel that was founded at the behest of
Reb. Shlom'ke Zviller, will be distributing
Tzedakah Pushka's in London.
The Pushka and informative brochure with will
be distributed in specially delivered packages.
Each brochure contains Brochos and Haskomos of
Gedolei Ha'Dor that have been collected by Merkaz
L'Taharas Ha'Mishpacha over thae last Seventy
years. A special Tefillah composed by the Chazon
Ish Zatza"l is included in the package.
UK number - 0144-290-2029